Care Data Components Overview

The Care Data Components are coarse-grained service-oriented components for managing large-scale enterprise data repositories and web portals with advanced matching, access control, and auditing capabilities.

Graphically configure these powerful integration components to accommodate the data movements of your enterprise while centralizing the management and enforcement of your key business rules. Write no code! Monitor and audit your operations at all critical touchpoints.

The components have been heavily used in large healthcare environments for "operational data store (ODS)" architectures to provide for flexible reuse and rapid partnering.They may also be used in registry and hybrid architectures utilizing distributed-queries and an information locator service.  They may be used as the foundation for shrink-wrapped applications that must have extremely flexible interfacing.


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Essential SOA Infrastructure Components for the Provider/Consumer Enterprise

Web Access Channel (WAC)

The WAC is a SOA-oriented rapid-development facility for generating robust portlets for a JSR-168-compliant enterprise portal, using a secure query service and integrated report generator.  There is no faster nor more robust method for producing read-oriented Web Portal, such as a front-end to an enterprise data repository.

Graphically configure the user interface, then configure and attach queries filtering on context parameters. Generate JSR168-compliant portlets that can then be plugged into IBM WebSphere Portal Server, JBoss Portal or LifeRay. At run-time query results are filtered according to LDAP credentials (such as roles and facilities) of users.


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Produce a Powerful and Secure Read-Oriented Web Portal Against Your Enterprise Data Repository. Fast.

Correlation Channel (CC)

The Care Data Correlation Channel (CC) is an Enterprise Master Patient index (EMPI) comparable in features to IBM Initiate TM but at a fraction of its cost. A large healthcare provider enterprise must manage identities of patients, doctors, and perhaps households. Identifiers for these entities must be robustly correlated across various registration, order entry, and ancillary systems.  The CC manages the "golden record" for each entity, with mobile (Android) support for identity error alerts.

In processing an incoming match request the CC invokes both a proprietary probabilistic algorithm and the Felehy-Sunter algorithm in a coordinated manner that resolves in excess of 99.9% of match requests without the need for human intervention.

The Correlation Channel complies with all popular standard formats and protocols (HL7 including FHIR, OMG, and IHE) and is easy to integrate into any healthcare integration environment.

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Probabilistically Detect and Link Identities

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