In order to shield our clients from unsolicited phone calls, we have made some of these quotes anonymous. If your organization is seriously interested in procuring Care Data products we will gladly put you in touch with these and other Care Data clients.


Richard Mark Soley, CEO
Object Management Group:


"In a constantly changing but critically important field (information technology support for the healthcare marketplace) Mr. Farmer shows consistent creativity, insight and agility in the face of change. Jon is a bulldog, facing challenges with diligence and flexibility until a solution is found; but his humor and ability to listen make him a pleasure to work with. I have known Jon over a decade and recommend him highly."


“PIDS was the first spec out of OMG’s healthcare task force, and its adoption votes were practically unanimous in light of its generality and usefulness. This explains the strong uptake of the PIDS standard. Care Data, a long-term leading OMG member, was a key contributor in developing this specification, and we are delighted to see them take it to the marketplace on such large-scale applications.”


Ted Gamester, Development Leader
University of Michigan Medical Center Information Technology:


“I discovered Care Data's excellence and openness back in 1997 when they led the creation of the OMG PIDS spec, harmonized it with HL7, and then implemented it soundly for both patient and doctor identification.

They were double-leveraging messaging and service objects ten years before it became popular, and they were doing SOA (though without SOAP) long before the term was even coined.

It is always exciting to work with Care Data, and we fully expect their EIS implementation will be World-class."


Project Managers:


“Care Data has greatly helped us develop and implement our enterprise integration strategies, and they’ve earned an excellent reputation here for both technology and responsiveness. Once we understood that the Correlation Channel would let us accomplish this without major modification to existing systems, we knew this was the right strategy."


“Care Data’s methodology and toolset really brings this complexity under control. In about a month and a half, we have already defined a target identifier management architecture consistent with our integration architecture, formulated appropriate tie-in strategies for key participant systems, and calibrated the matching engine for probabilistic treatment of thirty-five matching elements.”


"In our long experience with Care Data both the people and products are exceptional.”




“Sure Care Data is small, but their effectiveness and stability speaks for itself. They delivered us a superior enterprise clinical repository at a small fraction of the price and schedule that a big-name vendor or integrator would incur. We deployed a fully functional repository, all interfaces, a correlating EMPI and access technology in six months, contract to go-live and the interfacing took no lines of code. I had the 360-degree view of the consumer before the phrase was coined, and I bet I did it cheaper than anyone on the planet. We were never told by Care Data 'yes we can do that interface, but it would work much better if you selected our product as your application'.

As for stability, in almost ten years I'm dealing with the same world-class staff. The staff is without question the best and brightest of any company that I have dealt with. In my opinion, their only weakness is lack of a large in-house deployment force, but as long as we are not trying to outsource routine operations to them, the relationship is extremely effective.”




“Our requirements specify near-real-time integration of operational information of over 40 Million Consumer Identifiers over thousands of public and private systems and organizations. Nobody has the budget to "write" or "script" this many interfaces. Care Data has the power tools for jobs this big.”


Ms. Lorna Young, commenting on
Identifier Management Training:


“We asked Jon to teach us the key architectural concepts behind massive loose-coupled multi-enteprise systems integration and patient identifier management. We wanted to know how to effectively coordinate identifiers province-wide without violating the freedoms of the participating agencies.

He really delivered. He did his homework on our project before he visited; he broke the material into intellectually-digestible pieces and brought our 15-member committee up to speed together inside one (intense) day. By the end of the day our group members were cooperatively and productively roughing out our target architecture at four levels of federation. We have the comfort of knowing that our solution will be both technically and politically viable in our environment.

We plan to make continued use of Jon's expertise, and we heartily recommend him to any integration project team that is faced with seemingly overwhelming complexity, and needs to get the project under control.”